looking for freedom | 19 | Hungary | SOTE


looking for freedom | 19 | Hungary | SOTE

ezt így berakták a kis cukik az egyik fizika előadás végére, ami olyan hosszú, bonyolult és unalmas hogy megfájdult a fejem, mire végigszenvedtem magam rajta.

Little Alf. 




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Kinyírnak :(

Brian Jannsen

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Valle Del Pisuena in Spain. This place looks ancient, in a good way. I love provinces. It’s like you actually get to live. You know, instead of basically having to stare at walls and screens all day. You stare at actual things like  you see trees, barns, cows, farms, chickens, once in a while you see flies humping mid-air (seriously how???), and also my favorite scene in provinces, and this might strike you as weird, but I just enjoy seeing the pigs. They’re not like awww look at the cute little piggie its s’cuuuute. Nope, these pigs are like the WWE wrestlers of pigs, super huge and they can eat you alive. They look like dinosaurs. Like seriously huge. They smell horrible that’s fosho, but it was always exciting to get close to these guys. I always end up leaving earlier because I step on something I think is poop so I go rushing to the nearest old school hand-cranked water pump :P